Capacity Deepens Voice and Contact Center Capabilities with CereProc and SmartAction


Capacity, an AI-powered support automation platform relentlessly focused on improving the customer journey, has acquired CereProc and SmartAction, significantly expanding its voice and Contact Center offerings. Capacity empowers teams to do their best work and deliver valuable employee and customer experiences across channels. CereProc and SmartAction bring Capacity tech and talent that will help the company grow its scalable voice and virtual agent solutions.

“Customer expectations are rising and that means support teams need better tools to improve customer experiences and free up their agents to solve higher-level challenges,” said David Karandish, CEO, Capacity. “CereProc’s text-to-speech technology allows us to build on the industry-leading voice experiences we are already delivering to our customers. And with SmartAction’s innovative NOVA platform, Capacity customers will now be able to seamlessly integrate AI-powered voice agents into their customer experience workflows.”

CereProc, based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, is an enabling technology company, creating scalable voices that are both characterful and easy to integrate and apply. Best known for its innovative speech synthesis system, CereProc enables companies to create synthesized voice for use on applications, web and multimedia interfaces.

“The right speech tools are essential for Contact Center efficiency. CereWave AI, our advanced synthetic speech engine, is easily embeddable and customizable with a voice of a customer’s choice, making it an ideal enhancement in a complete solution like Capacity,” said Paul Welham, CEO, CereProc. Welham will continue to lead Cereproc and serve as a member of the Capacity executive leadership team following the acquisition.

You can read the full press release here:

MBM Commercial were delighted to advise the Cereproc team on the sale deal.

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