Alexa Carrero-Haig



Alexa Carrero Haig3
Licensed US Attorney (Admitted to practice in New York).
Member of the New York Bar
Practice Areas
Start Ups
Capital Raising
Mergers & Acquisitions
United States

Alexa began her career as a U.S. Associate at Linklaters LLP in London in 2018. Her practice over the first 5 years of her career focused on advising foreign private issuers and financial institutions in capital markets transactions with a focus on Rule 144A/Regulation S and SEC-registered equity issuances as well as SEC compliance and corporate governance for U.S.-listed corporates.

Personal Biography

Alexa was born in and lived in New York until she graduated law school in 2018. In 2018, Alexa moved with her Scottish husband, Ross, to London where she began her legal career and lived there for 5 years prior to moving to Edinburgh in early 2024. Alexa has her hands full with two Pomskies and twin 2 year old boys. On the weekends, she enjoys being outside and going for nature walks with her family, and she loves cooking and reading in her own downtime.

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