Financing a Business

The range of options available will depend on external economic influences and the particular commercial position of the company.

Duties for Directors in relation to companies facing financial difficulties

In the ordinary course, directors are under a duty to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

Directors Duties & Responsibilities

A guide to the general duties of Directors under the Companies Act 2006 and Fiduciary Duties.

Articles of Association

All UK companies must have Articles of Association. The “Articles” are essentially the company’s constitution or internal rule book, which set out the rights of the shareholders, the directors and the company itself. As such, it is a very important document.

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Financing a Business

In this guide we explore some of the funding options available when your business needs to generate cash.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A substantial sale or acquisition will often represent a life changing event for a founder shareholder or a game changer for an acquiring business.

An Introduction to the Investment Process

We’ve prepared this short guide to provide you with an introduction to the process so that you are equipped to navigate the path to getting funding.


Managing Business Risks with Contracts

Written contracts cannot exclude all business risk. They can however be used to good effect to minimise and manage risk.

Common Contract Errors

Some of the most common faults and issues that we come across and how to avoid them.

Small Print Services

Our “Small Print” Services are subscription packages that provide SMEs with commercial contract solutions from our team of experienced contract specialists at a fixed price with no tie-in.

Top 10 Commercial Contract Clauses

From Liability to Governing Law & Jurisdiction, we define the most common clauses that are typically included in any contract.


Data Health Check

Information on our Data Health Check service, designed to give you insights into your current privacy practices and identify issues and steps needed to mitigate potential risks.

Data Matters

Our flexible support solution to act as an extension of your internal team and assist with data protection matters.

Employment + HR


Our Holistic HR service offers employers a retainer package that provides you with specialist employment law advice at a fixed cost - without the uncertainty and worry of escalating or unknown fees. You’ll get responsive and bespoke HR advice for your business delivered in an understanding and friendly way. It’s like having an on-demand employment law team at your fingertips.

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