In the fast-paced world of technology, safeguarding your software is crucial. Many of the companies that we work with involve cutting edge technology and intellectual property.

Our expert intellectual property services extend to the realm of software, ensuring that your innovative code remains exclusively yours. From application development to intricate algorithms, we specialize in securing your digital creations through:

Code Copyright Protection

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the process of copyrighting your software code, providing you with the legal framework necessary to defend your intellectual property rights.

Software Licensing Strategies

Maximize the value of your software by implementing effective licensing strategies. We tailor licensing agreements to suit your business model, whether it's open-source distribution or commercial licensing.

Trade Secret Safeguarding

For sensitive algorithms and proprietary methods, we help establish robust trade secret protection measures, safeguarding your software's competitive edge.

MBM helped us with the IP complexities that are so prevalent in deals involving software companies.

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We can help you to protect your valuable technology.

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Articles of Association

All UK companies must have Articles of Association. The “Articles” are essentially the company’s constitution or internal rule book, which set out the rights of the shareholders, the directors and the company itself. As such, it is a very important document.

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A guide to the general duties of Directors under the Companies Act 2006 and Fiduciary Duties.

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