If you are doing business in Europe, we have a team of highly skilled professionals that can help to meet your needs.

At MBM Commercial, we understand the complexities of navigating legal matters in different countries. That's why we're proud members of two prestigious organizations that grant us access to a vast network of legal experts throughout Europe. These affiliations enable us to stay at the forefront of legal developments and provide our clients with comprehensive and up-to-date advice.

World Tech Legal

A network of tech-focused law firms, winning business through collaboration and shared ideas.


Eurojuris covers over 650 cities in about 50 countries worldwide. All Eurojuris law firms are independent, well-established and trusted firms in their community.

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Our team of multilingual lawyers are fluent in German, French, Romanian, and Russian. With their connections, language skills and deep understanding of the cultural nuances of these regions, they are well-equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters, from corporate transactions to dispute resolution, with precision and efficiency.

MBM German Desk

The MBM German Desk is made up of our fluent German-speaking English and Scottish qualified lawyers. They are from a range of disciplines and all have a practical understanding of the German legal system, market and culture and can advise German companies on all matters of English and Scottish law, in their native language if preferred.

Our bilingual team advises on:

  • Corporate structuring – which legal entity is best suited for a local business establishment with headquarters in Germany
  • Business establishment – preparing terms for operation and ancillary advice on, amongst others, Real Estate or Employment matters
  • Document review – explaining English law contractual provisions in German and how they impact your business
  • Contract preparation – drafting bespoke English law contracts suitable for a German business
  • Disputes and asset recovery
  • Cross-border restructuring
  • Finance and banking

MBM takes pride in and nurtures its network. This allows us to refer personal and suitable contacts to our clients to help them in expand in the UK market or enter the German market. Our close relationships are able to provide bespoke advice with respect to financial regulation, dual jurisdiction tax advice, seeking potential investors or applying for debt products, distribution partners, recruiters and head-hunters and international market research and analysis.

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All UK companies must have Articles of Association. The “Articles” are essentially the company’s constitution or internal rule book, which set out the rights of the shareholders, the directors and the company itself. As such, it is a very important document.

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Our Holistic HR service offers employers a retainer package that provides you with specialist employment law advice at a fixed cost - without the uncertainty and worry of escalating or unknown fees. You’ll get responsive and bespoke HR advice for your business delivered in an understanding and friendly way. It’s like having an on-demand employment law team at your fingertips.

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