Joanna McKenzie

Consultant Solicitor

Dispute Resolution

Joanna Mc Kenzie 2
LLB (Hons.).
Practice Areas
Professional Negligence
Financial and Banking Disputes
Intellectual Property Disputes
Corporate and Contractual Disputes

Joanna is a general commercial and civil litigator who works for a range of clients including, private individuals, partnerships, shareholders and companies advising on how to handle disputes.

Joanna is well known for advising clients on how best to deal with a dispute whether that be through negotiation and mediation or through the Courts. Joanna is experienced in County Court and High Court cases (in Queens Bench, Chancery and Commercial divisions) including to the Court of Appeal.

Joanna advises on breach of commercial contracts, breach of building contracts, financial disputes, professional negligence claims and partnership and shareholder disputes. Joanna also specialises in advising on Intellectual property issues including copyright, trade marks, design rights, passing off and breach of confidential information. She also advises on Injunction proceedings and Judicial reviews.

She has been described as proactive, efficient and effective in her conduct of a case, and someone who is there for her clients throughout a matter providing a personal touch in a difficult situation.

Joanna has a law degree in English Law from Leicester University and a Masters in Commercial Intellectual Property from Nottingham Law School. She has worked in Firms in Birmingham, London and Suffolk.

Legal Experience

  • Successfully settling a design right dispute for a client following the purchase of a manufacturing company.

  • Successfully recovering land which had gone bona vacantia as a result of negligent conveyancing advice.

  • Successfully pursuing claims in passing off and trade mark disputes.

  • Successfully pursuing various claims for professional negligence involving advice from conveyancing solicitors and architects.

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